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Super Cat World 2 : Super Hard


Super Cat World 2 (known as "Syobon Action" or "Neko Mario") is a Jump n Run Game parody of old platformer games. The traps are different from what you would expect from a jump and run game. Skill and a bit of imagination are needed and nerves of steel because it can be frustrating at times (which makes the game so addicting).The challenge is to beat the game by loosing as few lives as possible.This game is the spiritual successor to the original Super Cat World . The current application includes the original 4 levels of the unofficial sequel to Syobon Action with plenty differences (new traps), so if you played the sequel dont be "shy" and play it again because it will certainly surprise you.
The original freeware version of Syobon Action was developed by ちく (Chiku) (